Game-ization is determined at last.
"TV animation DVD+ game" The first coupling goods in the industry

The"cancer action adventure" which pulls [ girl / of ‹`‘Ě ] the wires by theoriginal story of the game version, and beats the enemy. High action ofa quality can be enjoyed with the software for PS2.
And AnimationDVD is enclosed by this game. This DVD cannot be got unless itpurchases these goods. Coupling goods of "a game and Animation DVD." Agame and Animation DVD can enjoy both by one sheet.


Sale day: April 8, 2004
Price: \6,800 yen (price-including-tax 7,140 yen)
Correspondence model: PlayStation 2
TV animation DVD enclosure (the 1st talk - 5 talk inclusion)
Game genre: 3D cancer action adventure
Play number: One person
A putting on the market on the market agency: MABERASU entertainment
Selling agency: BANDAI
* A first time privilege has a limitation in a number. It is at a shop front in detail.

The cancer action adventure by the girl
Agame is a cancer action adventure which progresses while beating theenemy in a stage! In a game, various missions exist and much small armsappear. The conviction also of a fan is possible for the realdepiction, and it is !!.


A game is an original story.
Agame advances by different original story from animation or a comic. Aplace [ how PIA of a game original character is concerned with a storyattracts attention ].

The 1st talk "brothers-and-sisters fratello"

The 2nd talk "astronomical observation orione"

The 3rd talk "boy ragazzo"

The 4th talk "doll bambola"

The 5th talk "promise promessa"

AnimationDVD in which even the 1st talk of TV series - the 5th talk werementioned. In the 1st talk and the 2nd talk, a sad setup of Henriettawho had flesh converted can be known, and, henceforth [ the 3rd talk ],the painful episode of other heroines, such as RIKO, TORIERA, andKURAESU, is told calmly.
It returns.

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